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  1. Jack|Brave

    Looks like I'm a bit late to the party :hash1:

    Found my way back to rs over the last month and inevitably ended up back here. Glad to see the boards are still up and hope everyone's doing well! 

    I was Bravinator/TRWF Brave/TRWF Jack although these days I've nabbed Warhunger as my rsn B|

  2. Ceasar_10

    Old pc crashed with soo many old RS banners and logo's from both TRWF and RDC in 2007-2011 period. Couldn't even save the harddisk. fml.

  3. Harmr

    Hi everyone! Been a while... Been busy on OSRS for a short bit.

    ​Hey man, long time no see!

    We all play scape, come on irc #Vitality or #Trwf


    Also add me ingame:)

  4. Paul Warhung

    Graduated this year from Kaunas university of technology in Informatics engineering (balanced between hardware based and software based programming). Had been working at Bentley Systems as an associate software engineer, although working on my final year project, going to lectures and working full time quite wore me off, thus I'll be taking a month off in September, thought you guys were back :D Further plans are studying at Munchen technical uni in Informatics for the following 2 years, yet another challenge.