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    TRWF Signatures & Avatars
    Courtesy of Stormfolk (ff thor)
    Right Click & Save As








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    I'll post on the FB thread
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    Past leaders, in chronological order
    King/Queen (equivalent to current Emperor/Empress)
    Insane Range
    Majin Wouter
    High Council (Equivalent to the current Consul rank)
    Im Da Turnip
    Snake Man0
    Hamp Freak
    All Bogs
    Kinky Me
    Brother Foam
    Lord Steedy
    War Luller
    Fatman Geoff
    Ceasar 10
    Ff Thor
    Sir Skip
    Kobayashi K
    General (Equivalent the current Praetor Rank)
    Ran Shadow2
    Farmer Moe
    Majin Wouter
    Lord Steedy
    Past legion leaders:
    Ihsan 5 5
    Prince Liam
    Sabre 30
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    Our Final Chapters will be added here...
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    The following extract is written by Dundaine:
    Part. 25 - Sacred Templars
    Sacred Templar’s were a new clan in the clan world and a strong one from the start. They were a strong clan for being so new and gave TRWF many challenges in the up coming months. The first fight that started them all was on the 10th of December 2005. TRWF marched to fight ST with 250 options and came out victorious with 100 options left. This marked the start of some of the best and respectful fights TRWF ever had, and may ever have. During these fights ST became a rival to TRWF, but were commonly referred to as allies because of the respect for each clan every time we fought. Pk trips were made together with ST, but there was always a competitive edge to this relationship that sustained countless great fights which will be remembered by all Warhungers of that age.
    Part. 26 - New year.. New clans.. New competition
    1st of January brought a real test to TRWF’s fighting ability. Walking out of Edgeville with over 275 options brought two very tough opponents to fight that night. RSD and DF were to fight face to face with TRWF without even banking once. It was clear that TRWF were the dominant clan in the GMT time zone and were at the top of the GMT time zone for a long time, even to this very day TRWF are considered one of the best GMT clans on RS. These were also the times that Teamspeak was being encouraged to download and use during fights, though it wouldn't become mandatory until almost 3 years later.
    Part. 27 - TRWF Goes Solo
    TRWF had been allied with Mk (Mystic Knights) but in mid February 2006 the alliance was broken. One of the main reasons was the leadership no longer got on together and now that their main enemies (Corruption and Divine Forces) are no longer teaming against them, there was no need for the alliance between us to continue, and thus it was ended.
    Part. 28 - Application System Revamped; A New Start For Activity
    The application system was becoming too chaotic for leaders and also the applicants themselves. This was also a rough period for TRWF, though not nearly as bad as the Summer/Autumn of 05. The application system was revamped by switching back to the old system of referrals, validation and background checks for every application.
    Part. 29 - The Leadership Renewed and Revamped
    March saw Myyg step down as Centaur leader, and was replaced by Strongtaavi as leader, and Telie42 as Co-Leader. Brother Foam, current Elder along with Schonne was promoted to Proconsul along with Kinky Me and Kammerat. Goals were also set this month to train up to 115 combat average and 94 Hitpoints.
    Part. 30 - Rules Rewritten
    With many people getting a little irate with people leaving and being able to come back instantaneously and people going retired after only being in TRWF for a month, the rules were rewritten. If you left TRWF, no matter who you were you had to wait at least 4 weeks before being able to apply. This was so people would think before leaving rather than leaving and then thinking. Also, retired was only given after 4 months of continuous activity. If you were not active for 4 months in a row, then you could not be given the rank.
    Part. 31 - A Clan Vote Brings New Leaders
    Ixy was promoted to Proconsul, and therefore the leadership asked the clan to vote on their new Elder and Guardian. After 110 members had voted on both topics, the leadership decided to end the vote and 2 leaders were made. Puchino was promoted to Elder and Im Da Turnip was promoted to Guardian.
    Part. 32 - Clan Memberlist is Made
    The runehead member list was the first of its kind. It was hosted on a website where you can add, update and customise ranks with ease. It also had an automatic update function which calculates every members stats straight from the Runescape official highscores. These member lists were very good for clans to compare numbers and levels, so they could have a better indication of who to war/fight and have a clearer idea of what the outcome may be. The was also very usual to quickly identify a player and if they were in a clan when Honour was among the majority of clans.
    Part. 33 - Country Clans Rule, Board Update, New Comitium Leader
    A new rule about country clans was written. A person applying who was in an active country clan that pked when TRWF did were forbidden from being in both. Also if that country clan had problems with TRWF they were not permitted to join, and those who were allowed to apply were made to put TRWF before their country clan, if they didn’t; they were kicked.
    A leaving board was made where a topic would go for 2/3 days once a person made one. They were given a leaver mask and guest access (unless they were given CF/SG rank) and could see their topic until it was moved back to the library.
    Plumbean was promoted to Comitium to aid Keizerin with her roles.
    These rules began to build the foundations of TRWF and a stronger force in the wild, and outside.
    Part. 34 - Senior Warhunger Is Born
    April 2006 brings a new rank for members who had served over a year as a member of TRWF. The Senior Warhunger rank was an emulated, prestigious rank for loyal members. The other names for this rank were; Miles Antiquus; Old School Warhunger; Veteran Warhunger and Proeliator Aureus, but after a clan vote Senior Warhunger came out on top, and thus it was made.
    Part. 35 - More Leadership
    Xx Pk U Xx was promoted to Pk Leader after Myyg’s departure to aid Majin Wouter in the wild. Enigesuus is made Comitium Leader to bring more activity and give her wisdom to this role, as it was not being used as intended. Mo Tjuh and Jensfup are also promoted to Comitium to make the rank more worth while.
    This batch of leadership was also followed by 3 new Elder’s. 3xt3rminator, Kurtje and Enigesuus were promoted to Elder to aid Puchino in his duties as the memberlist was ever growing.
    Part. 36 - TRWF Defeat ST In Another Mini
    Victory’s between the two clans went back and forth all the time. Generally, ST would win the run in’s because their returning was much better than TRWF’s, but TRWF would win the miniwars the majority of the time. TRWF set off with 250 opts to fight ST. The fight was set at member gate, with TRWF defending. ST do a 3x3 box and walk towards TRWF in a stunning 3 line march that was shaped well and amazed every Warhunger who saw it (personally I shitted myself and forgot to attack Broski - the first target). The fight began and both clans had high spam towers and were showing no signs of giving up. As the fight progressed, it was clear that TRWF were koing and ST weren’t as we had a solid unit of hybrids encouraged by Wolmar 2004, and thus TRWF end with 110 opts. Yet another victory for the Warhungers, and an amazing fight against a clan that we loved.
    Part 37. - Birth Of The King
    With TRWF in need of a leader that would take care of all the decisions and lead us into the future, Markie2003 steps up and takes the rank known as Emperor aka King. Again, it was another rough patch for TRWF and Markie had foreseen this and stepped up to lead us through it - which he did in magnitude.
    Part 38. - Mage Bank Team Is Born
    With many TRWF members wanting to venture into P2P, a MB team was created. The first members were; Evaldtali, Gili89, Fertminkey1, Garyrune, Jelmerv and Bck007. These members loved P2P pking and tried getting TRWF active in the P2P scene and Mage bank. Fertminkey1 and Garyrune went on to be unofficial leaders of this team along with Lukester69.
    Part. 39 - Geared To The Max
    Competition was beginning to get more and more fierce, and in turn this meant that we had to have strict gear rules to maximise our chances of beating opponents. Range and Magic requirement levels were also implemented (88+ range/mage). Hybrid was being encouraged, but not made mandatory. Meleers had to wear full rune, rangers had to have a rune weapon and magers were encouraged to maximise their magic bonus in order to land more binds.
    Part. 40 - Corrupted Corruption
    Throughout this year, Corruption would become one of TRWF's most bitter rivals, and rehash the "Corruption stole our cookies" slogan. Countless times they would crash fights and claim they were innocent. Enough was enough, and in a fight against LF (one of TRWF's biggest rivalries which will be discussed later) Corruption once against crashed, attacking both sides. Contact between TRWF and LF officials was made, and both made a pile that surpassed the 399 options barrier and went straight at Corruption. Within in minutes, Corruption fled to single, and a message had been sent to them exactly what would happen if they were to crash again.
    Part. 41 - The Doors, They're Open
    The applications of future Warhungers was closed for some time whilst the leadership revamped and implemented new and better systems in place. In order for this process to go quicker and easier, applications were on hold although people could still introduce themselves. Eventually, they're re-open and a steady flow of new people come to TRWF again.
    Part. 42 - New Requirements
    The Future Applicant rank is added for people who have introed, have 105+ combat but not the required amount of referrals for the Applicant rank. Applicant remains as 105+ combat with enough referrals before they complete the 4 events required to then go on to New Warhunger, and accepted formally into the clan and added to the memberlist. Not only this, but the combat requirement would soon be made 110+ combat before being accepted as a Warhunger.
    Part. 43 - The Higher The Combat...
    With clans catching up and some even surpassing our combat average, 3xt3rminator (the man, the myth, the legend) sets up a combat training competition with a large sum of money for the first, second and third best trainers in respective roles, and also sexual favours from the MML himself. TRWF currently had 150 members above 110 combat, and wanted 170+ by the end of the competition.
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    This section if clan history is written by Timikp:
    Part. 20 "Post-Forsaken TRWF"
    For several months after out war with RSF, we continued to grow, in both numbers and strength. Eventually, our leader at the time; Markie2003 decided he had done enough for the clan as sole leader and stepped down, leaving Insane Range, and the senate in charge. After several days the majority of the senate realized that it could not do the job that Markie had been doing, and Denpos1 was reinstated as leader.
    Many members of TRWF were disappointed at this, as many of the newer members had not been under Denpos1's leadership before. Two weeks after the return of Denpos1, the entire senate was demoted, and Markie2003, Im Da Turnip, MOTAM and Timikp stayed on as adviser.
    During the next few weeks many things, for both good and bad happened; Basilisk legion was dissolved, our only enemy clan; Exercitum disbanded, leaving us with no one to fight in the wilderness, apart from Damage Incorporated, who we could not hope to beat and our clan ranking was restructured yet again.
    We now had a group of moderators for our forum called Town Guards, Elders to help the leaders to identify and deal with problems before they became serious, and the legions became known as Brotherhoods. The overall theme of this set up was Medieval.
    With the clan ready for a war, we picked The Clan, who declined shortly after, several days passed and we held our breath. Eventually, The's leaders reconsidered and the dated was set to be the 18th of June, at 9pm GMT.
    Part. 20 "TRWF vs The"
    Three weeks had passed since we had agreed on the time and date of the war. Recruitment had been limited, but our ranks still swelled, with some well known RuneScapers, such as Shefford and Kierac. For the duration of the three weeks almost every member of the Warhungers had trained their hardest and the big day was finally here. A week before the war we had agreed on a plan of attack, which consisted of us all charging the enemies position at once, but not following one leader, which made it hard for The to find out name callers in the first few minutes of the war.
    As we began to gather for the war, it looked like we were going to be outnumbered in the war, as our sources had told us that The had nearly 150 people who would turn up for the war, and that we were also out leveled. As we left our meeting spot, in the woods east of Edgeville it emerged that we were of equal numbers, and slightly higher levels that The clan, with a great 120 member turnout! Without further a do, we charged The and fought them for 35 minutes, in the end winning by about 40 people.
    Many members of The clan could not take the loss, and several, including Jammy316, took several days before they admitted that they had lost the war, and even then claimed that members of TRWF had returned to the battlefield after their deaths, which was against the rules, of this particular war.
    Part. 21 "A great loss"
    In the aftermath of the war, Shefford and Kierac left TRWF, after their short stay, to make their own clan, AoF. After being offered a leadership position Insane Range also left to join the mainly Australian based clan, and Laxation, of whom many friends had joined AoF followed him several days later. After several days on edge, feeling as if the clan was going to come tumbling down around us, TRWF was back in business, with several other senior members who had been thinking of leaving agreeing to stay, and record rates of applications.
    It was around this time, that our allies, Zeonic Force was disbanded, because it's leaders did not have time for RuneScape anymore, due to having busy Real lives. After several days, Zeonic Force Legacy emerged from it's ashes, weakened but still very much alive.
    Part. 22 "A whole new world"
    While the new RuneScape had more and more influence on the way clans worked, TRWF grew steadily. The new word was 'miniwar',
    these were wars on very short notice, testing the activity of the clans, and testing their money, seeing more and more clans kept returning to fight. The massive success of these types of wars made a whole new war system: capped miniwars.
    It was King Cj70 that made this kind of war popular, he hosted a tourney on RuneScape Community, and a lot of clans joined up. It was so successful that a second edition was made, and this time TRWF was happy to take part.
    It seemed that due to TRWF's strong bonds and teamwork, they were very effective in these types of wars, and were only to be defeated by Damage Inc, the top clan at the time.

    Part. 23 "Three down, a lot to go"
    December 2005, yet another year added to the lifespan of TRWF. A massive drop party was given to celebrate this huge event.
    A lot has changed during the last year, TRWF is now a respectable clan, and a stable force within the top 10.
    TRWF was a quiet, but strong force, and the average levels were rising each day.
    Part. 24 "An attempt for revenge"
    With the urge to test their new power, and tired of the miniwars, TRWF sought war. This time however, an old nemesis would answer their call. Remember, remember, the 4th of November, the day TRWF fought RSD. An attempt for revenge, although that wasn't the biggest concern for TRWF. A 100+ turnout was normal for TRWF now, but sadly enough, the experience of RSD would grant them victory.
    However, RSD didn't get the victory handed to them like they did 3 years ago. It took a massive fight lasting 20+ minutes to defeat the Warhungers.
    Part. 25 "Fasten your seatbelt, we're jumping in time"
    Well hello again reader, it's now September 2008, and about 3 year later then the last part of the history. Obviously a lot has changed since then, important and not important stuff. RuneScape itself has also changed a lot, that nice and scary Wilderness has disappeared, and has been changed into a Clan Wars area, where crashing is no longer allowed and the max capacity for each clan is 100 members.
    The immediate consequence of this, is that PK trips are no longer. All PK related events are now miniwars. Tanking, binding and spamming are vital keys, now more then ever.
    With this in mind, we shall now focus on the hero of story, TRWF.
    The people in charge have had a lot of changed, and a new system has been installed. This system is all about delegation. Putting the right people in the right place, in order to lower the burden on each individual.
    We've got people for PK's (Preator, Centurion), fun events (Aedile), boss talks (Empress, Consul, Censor) and moderators (Guardians). I won't be naming everyone here seeing as there's 28(!) people who have been kind enough to sacrifice their time. Do note that for the first time, we have a female boss lady: Ijssie1. (she's quite evil..)
    She has replaced Markie, who had replaced Denpos1 once again)
    On power scale then, which I'm sure you all are interested in, we were, for about 5 seconds in time, NUMBAH ONE. Not officially, but we did beat Devine Forces in a full out, and DF was the undisputed number one clan at that time. (the next fight we got owned thou, but still).
    Activity keeps fluctuating from time to time, showing a usual 'down-time' during summer (darn those lifers @ TRWF).
    With the absence of the Wilderness, all fights have been mini-wars, were a combination of teamwork (quick pile switching) and good numbers are vital. TRWF is ranked somewhere in the top 10, depending on the activity of the past week. On good days we get an entry in the top 5, and on very bad days we get ranked the place we were in December 2002.
    In sadder news, there are no more Legions. They were disbanded, then renewed in a different form called Coalition, and then scrapped forever.
    So far for the sadder news, even though there's been some whining at times, TRWF has been pretty stable and has maintained the same happy-go-lucky atmosphere it has since day one. We're coming close to our SEVENTH birthday (which is older then my niece, so go TRWF!)
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    The Runescape Warhungers Federation Clan History! 2002 - 2011
    Part.1 "The start of the story" ( written by Puncie)
    The clan was founded by Denpos1, in November 2002 and was named TRLF, "The Runescape Law Forces".
    It was a much unknown clan that only allowed Danish people...
    The first members were Stenny-theBlueboy, Trgii (webmaster), Orophino, Bent, Simon999, Olli qdon, and few other Danish that quit.
    It started with these few members at this clan site,, the clan wasn't good and the 'clan site' was limited to a welcome page...
    Denpos1 over these tough days: "I even consider stop the clan again after 2 weeks"
    But at the end of November a non-Danish joined the clan: Puncie

    Part.2 "Rebirth of TRW"
    Some days later Denpos1 changed the name of TRLF to TRWF (The Runescape Warhungers Fortress)
    The clan site was rebuild at Avidgamers and Trggii, who said he was very good at HTML, became the web master.
    Trgii stop playing RuneScape on a certain day and never came back...
    Denpos1 was now alone on the work of the site and he didn't know much of it...
    Then when he went on vacation he asked the clan for a replacement leader until he would come back.
    The only one that reacted at this post was...Puncie. With this Puncie transformed form an active member to an active co-leader and then to right hand of Denpos1.
    Puncie himself didn't know a lot about HTML or sites or clans (even though he had lead 2 others...)
    He shared Denpos1 urge to make this clan greater and stronger and started to work on the site and even learned stuff and slowly the site evolved...
    Then Im Da Turnip joined the clan. (He was a former enemy of Denpos1, but a friend of Puncie and now there all friends)
    Part.3 "Back to the dark ages"
    Then something terrible happened, Denpos1 got hacked and he almost lost his character (well he did lose his character for a while...)
    He was never on RuneScape and was very inactive at the site too.
    Then someone came who probably saved the clan: Koldtvand. He got Denpos1 his char back and so Denpos1 returned to RuneScape.
    The clan was having problems too at that time, most members were inactive and only Denpos1, Puncie and Im Da Turnip were active...
    Im Da Turnip got promoted to vice leader and then later to Clan Lord.
    Part.4 "Yet another rebirth"
    TRWF gently became bigger and stronger, the 3 leaders received help from vice leaders (Snake Man0 and Crusher77) and TRWF was becoming a good clan.
    Part.5 "The Greatest Enemy"
    10th September to 1st November 2003
    The start of September the strong clan "RSD" found out that TRWF had a plan to ambush them, but Miner Cire (a RSD member) had a spy account at our site and told RSD leader LivinLarge21 that we planned a war against them.
    Shortly after this, LivinLarge21 confronted us with this, and (stupid as we were back then) we accepted a war unknowing the true force of RSD.
    A small group of RSD members crashed a fun war between TRWF and MOD, and Puncie and Im Da Turnip had some trouble with Minder Cire, this only making the cry for war bigger.
    RSD didn't really wanted to waste time on us, so allowed us to bring an ally, this in the form of Pure Rune, led by Bob Cob.
    At November first, the combined forces of TRWF and PR weren't enough to take down, or even hurt, RSD.
    However, the good team spirit of TRWF and PR and the fact that all of the members fought bravely was considered a sign that the clan was heading in the right direction.
    Part.6 "Anniversary Party"
    On December first, the Warhungers celebrate there anniversary.
    At November 29 TRW organizes a birthday party and over 40-50+ people met up, clan members, allies etc.
    It was a great blast and a good prospective for the next year.
    Part.7 "Victory or Failure?"
    In January The Corruption declared war against TRWF and seeing we don't declare wars easy...
    we accepted, but after a week it seemed that Corr (The Corruption) was bringing allies (mostly due to rumours)
    The war declaration soon ended in a huge flame war, making both sides calling for help from outside the clan.
    On January 24, TRWF walked to wild with a force of over 40 fighters, but to there surprise not only Corruption, but also 'The' and Gladiotorz were there.
    Due to the severe interference of outsiders (not only The and Gladz, but also alot of RPKers) the war is considered a draw.
    Part.8 "The big RPK fest"
    Golden Helms, one of our allies asked us for help in a clan war against a newbie clan, called Falidor Mages or something like that because it was a ally war.
    We accepted, and the war was the 21st February, the whole clan was ready for the war and the morale was high because we knew it would be a easy war.
    When we met up 5 minutes before the war was going to start with GH there were 6 black capes (enemy)
    and we finished them off easy and the enemy leader died 5 minutes before the war was supposed to start.
    However, soon after the war we got jumped by WD, "the" clan, gladz, Corruption, ZF and
    many others, we tried to survive but many died but we gave them a hell of a fight to death.
    We considered this war as a victory because the people we were fighting died, but against RPK we didn't have any chances.
    Denpos1 took a BREAK from leading and Fergz13 took over (from being in the Council) the responsibility of the King rank. Denpos1 would return two weeks later, and Fergz13 would step down once again
    Part.9 "Trwf vs KoA"
    The Chaos Angels clan got disbanded and so ended a month long argument with Xander6669.
    The archenemy's Denpos1 and Xander6669 finally ended there flame wars.
    Soon after this happened a clan called Kings of Asgnaria publicly declared war on the Chaos Angels.
    They got flamed all over the place for not knowing CA got disbanded and so we offered to fight them for CA honour.
    Ironically it would be a war where the two former enemy's, Xander and Denpos, would now fight like one.
    The war was easily won by the united TRWF and ex-CA members, who brought over 30 soldiers to the war.
    Catman2003 died a traitor's death and Erazermike, KoA's leader was killed as the last person standing for KoA.
    Many other KoA logged or ran, or simple got killed.
    TRWF had a crushing victory.
    Part.10 "The destruction of GH"
    Golden Helms leader Alex/Epod declared war against THE alliance, an ally war, and it ended up as a flame war on many different
    RuneScape fan forums and both sides are asking for assistance from all different clans known in rs.
    Golden helms was TRWF's ally so we decided to assist them, but two weeks before war one of TRWF leaders detected a Trojan on his computer.
    Tracing it back to the source, it ended up to Alex/Epod.
    We decided not to back GH up in the war and to got delete them from our ally list.
    In the war, GH was overwhelmed by the massive force of "the Alliance" and let there allies do the most of the fighting (GH only brought 10 people and there leader Alex/Epod didn't even show up)
    Part.11 "LK Wants revenge"
    After dropping LK as allies, Upbrother started to make unfriendly comments towards TRWF on alot of fan sites.
    After Bob Cob had informed us of a LK PK trip, we hastily set out to crash it, as a revenge for the bad talking.
    We rallied up some TRWF and, with the help of Xander6669 some CA and set out to wild to hunt down Upbrother.
    It was an easy victory and Upbother died an easy death.
    A week later we received a war declaration by LK and both sides immediately started a huge flame war.
    On May 15 we headed out to the wild to settle this argument.
    As TRWF forces arrived at the Greaters, we saw that LK had some outsiders to help them.
    Even so, we were victorious over LK (and there helping friends)
    Part.12 "TMRD vs TRWF"
    One of our PK trips met one of TRMD's PK trips in wild and had a nice battle.
    Returned to Edgeville, TRMD started to flame a bit and TRWF was more as happy to flame back, and so we decided to test the real strength of the clan.
    But Lucca13 informed us that the war was going to get crashed by Exercitium and Corruption, so we decided to crush these jumpers with the combined forces of TRWF and TRMD and Alliance clans.
    We went out to meet up with TRMD and a group of Jaguars who were waiting for Corruption and Exercitum so we could "surprise" them.
    It turned out that the crashing wasn't meant for us, but for TDL vs LK, so all the preparation was in vain.
    We held a combined PK trip, but we didn't find a lot of people.
    Part.13 "The Imperial Hellkites vs Trwf"
    In July TRWF declared friendly war against IHC, who accepted the offer some days later.
    The war was set, 24th July.
    There were some problems because IHC didn't upheld a one clan rule, but that didn't stop us.
    We arrived at Greaters, to see ourselves (with a decent turnout) outnumbered and to see some TDL members.
    Sadly enough, the war was crashed by a fragment of DI that was after Shefford and killing everything on its path.
    Because of this, the true ending is unknown, and the war is called a draw.

    Part.14 "TRWF grows"
    After the wars, TRWF has taken time to concentrate on its connections with his allies and its members.
    Slowly we are growing to an average of 80hp and we even have our first 99hper, Hamp Freak.
    Slowly but steady we are growing into a known clan, that has its place in the daily clan world.
    Part.15 "TRWF strikes back"
    War was brewing after many months of boring PK trips and stupid fun events, thus TRWF sought out war, and who else then their rival clan Legendary Knights would answer the declaration?
    TRWF was immediately filled with action and every member had their own tactic to win this war.
    They all became crazy with war hunger (I made a pun, hihi...) and started training like crazy training people...
    Thanks to Markie2003, we could easily see our progress.
    In the time from 26th august 2004 to 10th October, our hitpoint average went up from 77.98 to 81.45, a fast and good jump.
    Then, on October the 16th, it was time to test our gained strength out in the real fight...
    With a force of around 65 TRWF fighters, wizards and archers, we headed up to the Greater Demons, to strike fear into LK.
    But, we soon saw that LK had assembled an even bigger force that even outnumbered us.
    Our leaders yelled and our troops followed, many died bravely for the clan, and for the victory, because there deaths weren't in vain!
    TRWF had, once again, won the battle, and was stronger and more alive then ever before!
    Part.16 "An attack and a fest"
    TRWF was around in the magical world for 2 years! This was just asking for one of the best parties ever seen.
    16 chars loaded up with shiny rune and yummy lunches were placed at the party spot and, on 27th November 2004, all the stuff was dropped for our allies, members and friends to pick up.
    However, the joy of the party was slightly reduced by the attack on our forums, a group that called themselves RTA (RuneScape terrorist assthingie) got the password from an admin and messed up our forums. An easy activity clean out, seeing as 90% of our members returned.
    Part.17 "TRWF's honorary defeat"
    Till now we had been warring clans that were ranked lower or equal as us.
    So we decided that it was time to see what who could do against a clan that was ranked a tad higher and was twice as old as us.
    The Blacknights were chosen as target, and they seemed happy to be given the chance to finally war again after a dull fight with Barthba aka Exercitium.
    So on January 8, after some trouble in TRWF (our first revolution, imagine that o.O), we went down to the Greaters to fight the Blacknights.
    At first our teamwork seemed to pull through, but then came the hard cold fact.
    We were outnumbered with 40 men, and 40 men aren't easily made up in teamwork. We managed to take down a great bunch of them, but the war was lost.
    The good news however is that this is one of the only official wars in RuneScape without flaming afterwards.
    Part. 18 "TRWF re-organizes"
    At the start of January 2005 some TRWF members were unhappy with how the Council was running the clan. They were unsatisfied with the fact that the leader were forgetting the old members and paid too much attention at getting new members instead of making sure that the current members were happy.
    The talking on the boards soon led to a flame war between the people that liked TRWF and saw no problems, and the group of TRWF that wanted changes.
    Under the leadership of Pk the mad, Runit3hunt3r, Onestrike and Arch Wonder some TRWF left to make a clan called The Immortal Spirits of the Zodiac.
    This action led to some changes in TRWF, because the leaders realized where there's smoke, there's bound to be at least a small fire.
    TRWF went under a totally new re-organization, new leader were appointed and new ranks were given.
    Legions were made to give an extra edge in wars and PK trips. Chimaera, Abigor and Basilisk were made and later Phoenix and Griffin were added.

    Part. 19 "Forsaken Forsaken"
    14 March 2005, our leader, Denpos1, who had been leading us (well duh) since the start, retired from his positions due to not having enough time for RuneScape anymore.
    He will still be randomly spamming our boards however.
    The new leaders are Markie2003 and Insane Range, the Senate is now made of Im Da Turnip, Fergz13, Laxation, Hamp Freak, Motam and Timikp.
    29 March 2005, God of Gods8, leader of RSF (RuneScape Forsaken) declare in name of his clan war upon us. After our Council discussed it, we were eager to accept. The good old war fever was brewing in everyone's heart and the whole clan started training and learning to work together.
    Catman2003 betrayed TRWF yet again, and also died a traitor's death yet again (see part. 9)
    The war only made good things happen: Merianlover became TRWF's first level 126 combatant, TRWF got its first 100+ turnout in a war and TRWF showed that it could work together very good.
    RSF however was less fortunate; they didn't get their goal turnout and lost the war because we simple outnumbered them with almost 2:1.
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    Request your old rank
    As the title says, if you're an old Warhunger request to get your old rank back in this topic. Hit me up in game, #trwf on Seers and Swift or put a message in the FB group to us know it's really you.
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